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Collection: The New Romantics Part I

This collection was inspired by the aesthetics and ideals behind the Romantic Movement, which originated at the tail end of the 18th century. The moody chiaroscuro colours used by the artists, the poets' celebration of nature and beauty, and the overall focus of the movement on emotion over reason, were all drawn from while creating our new collection. 

Romanticism as a cultural movement was all about shifting the focus away from the mundane and towards a deepened appreciation of nature's beauty, the imagination, and personal expression. The movement emerged as a rejection of the Rationalist ideals of the culture at the time. The Romantics were breaking away from the past, where science and logical thinking were celebrated over and above the creative spirit. During the same pivotal point in history,  The French Revolution was fast unfolding, which further ignited the Romantic Movement in it's drive towards freedom. The Romantics saw themselves as dreamers and lovers, true rebels contrasted against the backdrop of 18th century society. Still today, the idealists amongst us remain fascinated and inspired by the poetry, art and musical compositions of the Romantics. 

Part I The New Romantics Collection features four oh so whimsical tulle gowns in the softest pastel colour palette. These gowns can be made in the colour of your choice, and we are giving our brides the option of ordering them with or without beadwork applique detailing.  

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